Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do cleaning services come out of my profit?
A. The guest pays for cleaning as part of their fees.

Q. Will my property be rented after the units that signed up before me are full?
A. Your property is marketed and booked independently of other homes. You don’t have to “wait your turn” to get a rental.

Q. Will my property be listed on the internet?
A. Your property will be listed for rent and promoted on the following nine internet sites:

  HomeAway
  TripAdvisor
  iTrip
  FlipKey
  Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO)
  Airbnb
  Expedia

Q. How much does it cost for my property to be listed on the internet?
A. The marketing listing is split with Wisconsin Dells Property Management on an annual basis and is currently $200 each.

Q. Can my property be rented online?
A. Our State-of-the-Art website allows for complete online booking by our guests. We accept all major credit cards.

Q. Are there specific times when my property is off limits to me?
A. Your property is available to you any time it is not booked by a guest.

Q. If I want to let a friend stay at my property am I allowed to do that?
A. Absolutely! Our only requirement is that they pay the cleaning fee.

Q. Will you charge me for general maintenance of the premises?
A. Wisconsin Dells Property Management will provide the following maintenance services at no charge:

  Battery replacement in smoke detectors, remote controls, keyless entries
  Replace interior / exterior light bulbs
  Tighten / rehang as necessary: cabinet pulls, hinges, toilet paper holders, towel rods, door stops, bi-fold doors, and window screens
  Plumbing related: Un-clog garbage disposals, minor unblocking of drains, unstop commodes, adjust / replace toilet fill valves (continuous running), fix leaks under sinks
  Electrical: Replace light switches / dimmers, lamp sockets
  Furnace Filter replacement on standard disposable filters. Specialty or 5” filters are at owner cost

Q. Who handles questions / complaints?
A. Wisconsin Dells Property Management will handle all communication with our guests.